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Where to eat out

Hotel Sokhamon


A true definition of a hidden gem. Unassuming from the outside, the spectacular view from the steps leading down towards the restaurant will already wow you. The Atlantic Ocean stretches out before you in infinite blue.


Without a friend’s help, I never would’ve found this serene spot. Hotel Sokhamon’s restaurant offers a 180-degree view of the ocean from the pool deck.


The place is fairly quiet during the day and offers the perfect work or reading vibe. More lively at night, you can come for drinks and shisha (aka hookha, hubbly or water pipe). If you’re feeling peckish, go ahead and order the chicken or steak sandwich. 


Want to blend in and feel like a real Dakarois(e)? Chez Loutcha is that spot.


It’s got an intimate family restaurant flair with an authentic vibe. The people watching will be just as satisfying as the mouthwatering Senegalese dishes.


Located in Dakar’s Plateau area (downtown), I have found this restaurant to be a popular lunchtime spot. The portions are extremely generous at affordable prices. You’ll find all the classics here from Thieboudienne to Yassa. We also tried an exceptional seafood paella here.


Great value for money!


This trendy restaurant can be found in the city’s most coveted location: the beach!


Enjoy front-seat ocean views over tasty drinks and food. The menu is diverse and features anything from pizzas and burgers to sushi.


Thanks to its enviable beachfront address, Sharky’s is popular with families, tourists and stylish Senegalese youngsters (we counted a lot of AirPods).


If you’re into shisha (aka hookha, hubbly or water pipe), the one here comes highly recommended! 

Les Almadies

Best for weekend vibes.


My friends took me to L’endroit on a Friday night. The place was buzzing, the food was delicious and a band was playing renditions of popular classics and recent hits.


This is the perfect spot to get you in the mood for going out. The menu features traditional Senegalese and West African dishes.


Order fish with a side of aloco (fried plantains), dig in and enjoy the music!

Sicap Karak

Trendy and delicious; Le Bazoff never disappoints, whether it’s for lunch or dinner.


Popular with young professionals and non-locals alike, the restaurant turns into a bar at night. The food is a delight with Senegalese favourites and some veggie options on the menu.


Do keep an eye out for the lunch/ daily specials.


If you’re a juice fan, you’ll love the classic bissap (hibiscus), baobab and the rarer but wonderfully nutritious green ditakh juice. 

Grand Dakar
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