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Sleep in Africa


This useful guide will help you do just that - all while supporting black-owned businesses!



Sara Jabril and Fatimatou Diallo have partnered to create a guide that references black-owned hotels and rentals on our beautiful continent. 

Aimed at changing persistent narratives, Sara uses Instagram to document her African travel adventures and created the “Dhulka Hooyo Project” as an online gallery to showcase pre-war Somalia photos. Fatimatou is the founder of "Sleep in Africa", a platform that aims to promote unusual and unique places to stay in Africa. 


Today, an increasing number of Africans, the African diaspora and international tourists are travelling Africa. Thanks to social media and creative campaigns, the continent is becoming more attractive as a top travel destination to a diverse range of travellers. 


From safari clichés to the Year of Return, the evolution of Africa’s tourism appeal and offerings has come a long way. Home-grown campaigns and local content creators played a big part in this. Persisting narratives are being redefined from the inside out, rather than the other way around.   


Ownership is key. This is apparent when we look at the overwhelming number of hotels that are neither African nor black-owned. As black travellers, we are now more aware than ever of the need to show support for black ownership. This support starts with the economy; a flourishing business boosts the local economy and is a success for the entire community.


Recent events have shone a spotlight on pages and groups dedicated to #supportblackbusiness. We can only encourage these initiatives. In this vain, we proudly present our list of "Black-owned Hotels and Rentals in Africa". 

This list is a start, as we will be adding more black-owned hotels and rentals. If you know of one that is not included in our list, we will be more than happy to add it, so please do contact us.


We'll need YOU to spread the word: there is now a resource that references black-owned places to #sleepinafrica; share far and wide.


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More coming soon...

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