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Mbour / Saly

Do you want to switch it up on your holiday? Enjoy Dakar as the perfect city break then head to Saly or Mbour for a beach getaway. Saly has more of a resort vibe with its many hotels, restaurants and bars.


My friends and I decided to head to Mbour, approx. 1.5 hours away from Dakar. We rented the most gorgeous AirBnB right by the beach. Dirk’s two-story house was a dream, overlooking the beach and ocean. In true Senegalese fashion, local wrestlers came for their daily practice every afternoon. In the evenings, we were lucky enough to have fishermen return with their catch of the day. We had fresh seafood from ocean to plate in just a few minutes.  


Tip: if you drive from Dakar, stop by the Mosquée Serigne Saliou de Mbour on the way. 

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