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Raddison blu Dakar sea plaza

Blu(e) as far as the eye can see…
Fann Corniche

Unleash your inner mermaid in this high-end oceanfront hotel. With an Instagram-worthy infinity pool and ocean views, this Radisson hotel is one of the best I have seen.


The rooms are spacious and, on the higher floors or from the pool deck, you’ll never miss an ocean sunset. Guests have direct access to the Sea Plaza shopping mall, the stylish Little Buddha restaurant and the Buddhattitude Spa. 


In the evenings, a DJ issues in the sunset by the infinity pool area.

Yes, this 5-star service does come at a cost. Even if the Radisson Blu is outside your budget, I’d recommend a visit for poolside sundowners. Non-guests can also pay to use the pool during the day. 

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