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Route de la Corniche

The Route de la Corniche is more than just a road. To me, it’s the beating heart of Dakar, or perhaps better described as Dakar’s coronary artery that sustains and encapsulates the city’s unique spirit and vibrant energy. Dakar’s lifeblood. 


If I could teleport you to one place in Dakar for 5 minutes, a place that gives you a brief but accurate impression of the city, then I’d probably pick a spot along the Corniche. The term itself quite simply refers to a road on the side of a cliff, usually stretching along the coast.


Honouring its name, Dakar’s Corniche provides spectacular ocean views and vivid sunsets in the most beautiful shades of orange and purple. 


On top of that, the Corniche offers something that I have found to be extremely rare and precious across the continent: public spaces.


Take a stroll along the road in the late afternoon hours (best around the Sea Plaza area) and you’ll see a myriad of people: a group of Nike-clad hijabi women out on a run, ripped wrestlers flexing their muscles during beachside practice, young football and basketball lovers playing on dedicated courts, budding photographers on the hunt for the best sunset shots and Senegalese of all ages making use of the public gym equipment.


Yes, the Corniche is basically a big outdoor gym and communal hangout space.



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